3 Important Fallacies to Avoid When Engaged in Internet Marketin

We are here to discuss 3 important fallacies to avoid when engaged in internet marketing. This is one segment of a larger series which covers many fallacies in internet marketing. A fallacy is flawed argument content that can be refuted with simple logic. It can be there on purpose or through ignorance, but one defined it can be spotted in many arguments. This is the same in advertising. If you can learn to spot them, you can avoid them in your advertising and retain credibility with your prospects.

1) CONVERSE ACCIDENT - the exception to the rule is used in conjunction to the rule. Police officers are allowed break the speed limits if it is an emergency, Therefore we should all get to speed in general.

2) COMMON BELIEF - when a widely held belief is held up as the truth. First there is no way to test how many people really believe it, nor is there a way to prove it. My product is the best. Everybody knows it.

3) SLIPPERY SLOPE - The argument calls for the belief that if you start one thing it will always lead to others. There is no middle ground with this way of thinking. If you buy a computer you will inevitably end up buying hundreds of dollars in software. So maybe you should not buy the computer to avoid the cost.

These are just 3 important fallacies to avoid when engaged in internet marketing. There are many more that we will discuss in this series. If you can learn to spot them you can avoid these mistakes and strengthen your advertising arguments.