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Subsequently, in the event you go to a flea market and discover a Louis Vuitton purse, greater than seemingly that purse is a counterfeit. Louis Vuitton states on their web site that they don't sell manufacturing unit seconds and they do not put their purses on sale. Therefore all excess Louis Vuitton inventory is destroyed and cannot be discovered at low cost retail outlets.

After we did a deep dive into the origins of Kendall Jenner's possibly-vintage, possibly-pretend, perhaps-fake-vintage Louis Vuitton Fanny Pack last yr, one thing stunned me far more than the truth that a wealthy 20-something would carry a crappy faux: that Louis Vuitton didn't already make a equally retro monogram fanny pack. After all, both belt baggage and logos are enjoying large resurgences proper now. Louis Vuitton has apparently also seen that gap between dominant tendencies and its handbag lineup, too, as a result of the brand just debuted the Louis Vuitton Bumbag, which appears to be like so much just like the fake we caught Kendall carrying.