What Does it Take to Become a Game Designer?

The video game industry is huge and still growing. Just as many people love to play video games, some people aspire to design them. There are a few ways to help put a person in the right path towards becoming a game designer.

To become a successful game designer, it is important to first learn the terms and skills of the trade. Video game design is simply a subcategory of graphic design, and those wishing to break into the field should therefore have knowledge of the graphic design medium. Many companies that develop games require their employees to have a degree or a certificate of completed program in graphic design. Game design combines many different elements of graphic design and it developers must have knowledge in a variety of areas like photography, 3D animation, and special effects. It is also important that anyone aspiring to become a game designer stays up to date on current graphic animation techniques.

A career in this field often requires a Bachelor of Arts degree. Though it is true that some individuals are able to become successful game designers without a BA, most entry-level positions at major game companies require a degree before even considering an applicant. Going through a specialized degree program often gives students practical experience that helps them to develop a portfolio to show to prospective employers. Many schools even have internship programs that can help students get more hands on experience.

Many major game companies, like Nintendo, Playstation, and Wii, collaborate career nights with schools in order to help the recruit future employees. Find out if any schools in the area will be holding any of these events and check it out. It gives students the chance to apply to several different companies at once. It is a good idea to have a game sample to show to potential employers when going to these events.

When trying to find a job, good references go a long way. Because the gaming industry is very competitive and focused on meeting strict deadlines, they will want to verify an applicant's ability to reach goals and complete tasks in a timely and effective manner. Problem solving is also an important element of game design because companies often run into glitches in their games and need someone who can think on their feet and quickly fix the problem.

Becoming a game designer is not necessarily the easiest industry to break into, however, it is not at all impossible. Knowing what gaming companies are looking for in a designer is important when looking for a career. Having the right skills and knowledge of the industry and game development, is essential for any student seeking this as their profession.